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Lying Like A Hairy Egg!

I am about to take a short break. During which time I probably won’t post. But I will be using the time to write some difficult posts that need some thought to get them right. Difficult for a number of reasons including the fact they, largely, use someone else’s words. They will deal with a situation I have spoken about before on this blog and finally blow the lies of a lying person out of the water. The words of the other person are not just about disproving the lies. The say a lot about the person I need to debunk. Not just that, why it is they have this drive to lie about me.

These are not casual lies. They have had an effect on my life and relationships with people for too long. I am tired of that situation and no longer prepared to let it go. When someone is repeatedly unkind and offensive and dishonest with it there comes a time when you have to draw a line in the sand. For self-respect as much as anything.

Difficult too because, by instinct, this isn’t the way I would choose to do it. In such a dramatic way. But when you try and try and no other option is left open to you, ultimately, you don’t have a choice.

But it’s not just that they won’t undo the lies they have already told. They go on to tell new lies to new people. As I say, there comes a time when you have to draw a line in the sand.
Even worse they turn to a friend for advice on how to deal with my reaction to their lies. Except they tell a pack of lies to that fiend too. So any advice is completely invalid. Leave alone the attitude that drives that advice is coming from. The sort of friend who back in the day thought the serial infidelity of the person I am talking about was all terribly amusing and a bit of a lark because we’re all having such great fun. Oh what a lark and jolly fun it was when this person picked up a random stranger in a bar, minutes later took them home and shagged them and then had to look in their wallet in the morning to find out their name. Oh those were the days! It’s not such much that behaviour I am criticising, just the fact it happened whilst they were in a relationship with me. So old-fashioned of me. It demonstrates an attitude to other people and honesty in general.


Lies, Damn Lies and Malice. Some Thoughts

I seriously dislike liars. I dislike the effect they tend to have on other peoples’ lives. I dislike it in principle. I also dislike the direct effect it had had on me.

There is one individual who, in the past, told a whole series of lies about me. The effect of which was aided and abetted by the fact I chose to keep quiet at the time. I have never been happy about it but by and large I have learnt to live with it. There have been moments when I have wanted to publicly show the lies for what they are but I have always got through that and not done so. Even at times when circumstances have severely provoked me. Even when it has cost me friendship.

But, now, things have moved on. I find that not only are the same lies still being told by this person they have been tweaked a bit. They have become more poisonous. Not only that, they have been told to complete stangers. One can assume for no other reason than pure malice. Which is bad enough in itself and even worse when it goes on to eventually affect how those people treat you and behave towards you.

So what do you do in the face of this? Count to ten metaphorically and don’t knee-jerk? Well I’ve done that and I’m still mightily pissed off. Give them a chance to stop telling those lies? I think it needs more than that. I think they need to explain to people that the things they have said are not true. Having given them the chance to do that and nothing chanes, what do you do then? Lie down once more and allow them to continue the history of walking all over you and your peace of mind? Or blow the whole fucking thing apart and as publicly as possible expose the lies and provide the evidence that proves they are lies?

Fourteen Black Photographs 3

Another one from this group of pictures.


This picture. Oh dear, this picture.
I mentioned when I posted them as a group that when I did these photographs I was at a very low point of my illness. Very dark days indeed. I think the shot conveys some of that darkness

I didn’t set out to take this picture.I was in the area and then found myself outside these windows of a building that was being renovated. The shot isn’t so much about the windows but about the room behind a couple of them. Other parts of the building held happy memories for me. This room held, mostly, quite unhappy memories. They are memories of an extremely difficult time that could have been so different. Of a time, under huge stress, I wasn’t behaving totally rationally. A time when I held ridiculously optimistic hopes that things might change, that another person might change. That’s a stupid hope. You can’t change people by hope or will especially if their basic behaviour beforehand has been unreasonable. I acknowledge that some of my own behaviour in reaction to that was unreasonable. I lost my way. In this room I learnt of, what was in a way, the death of a child. I thought I got over that, I thought I moved on. A couple of years later the actions and outpourings of another person dragged it back. Even after that I thought I’d got over it. I don’t think deep down that I have. Many years later, and quite recently, some very offhand and uncaring comments showed that I haven’t. These throwawy comments made me very sad and their offhand nature actually made me quite angry.

This picture tells quite a tale.




The Final Straw

Now I don’t believe and I never did
That two wrongs make a right.
If the world is filled with the likes of you
Then I’m putting up a fight.
Make it right.

The Nature of Liars

I was having a discussion with a friend about liars and how to deal with them. We weren’t talking about people who tell the odd white line (probably nearly everyone) but people who tell full on porkies. We were discussing which are harder to deal with. The people who know they are lying or those who seem to actually believe their own lies.

Those who know they are lying. Well, you may have a starting point for getting them to stop because at least they know it’s not true. Then again, they have made a conscious decision to lie so have a firm reason for doing so. Plus they have the emotional stake of admitting that they have been lying. Maybe not so easy to get them to admit it or stop.

Those who believe their own lies. How do you even begin to persuade them to stop if they actually believe what they’re saying. I suppose you can confront them with evidence.

Then there is the tendency of both types when confronted by what they have said and done. They just say “I didn’t do that” or “I didn’t say that” when asked. it becomes a head banging against the wall exercise!

I have been having to deal with someone who fits a third category. Someone who is a mixture. That is, they seem to know some of their lies are lies but others they appear to completely believe. My Oh has said she feels this person is a fantasist in some ways. Which suprised me as my OH very much tends to give people the benefit of the doubt. She says that some of the things this person claims to have happened are convoluted but just seem to be not quite right to have actually happened. I don’t know how to even begin dealing with that.

Lies about me tend to enrage me. I think this is true for most people but I don’t know if I feel it more strongly than most. I do know that lies of others have had profound effects on my life at various points; maybe that’s why it gets to me so much. On some of the bigger lies I sometimes think it’s better just to rely on the common sense of people to see it’s a lie. Even if they don’t say so or challenge it. But I also think it’s a problem not to challenge it. It tends to confirm it in the mind of the liar. There are occasion, something I feel strong currently, that I just want to draw up a list of the most significant lies and detail a public rebuttal of them.

Up The Garden Path

I hate being misled. With a passion. It’s up there with being used and being lied about behind your back. Funny how they seem to go together with the same people! It is probably a character defect on my part that it bothers me so much but it always feels like a personal affront. I would say it’s less of a character defect than that of the people who do it.

I’m sure I’ve misled people in the past. But never as part of a deliberate policy of deception. My OH frequently tells me that I am too open and too trusting. Which, in the end, makes it easier for people to be miselading.Leaving aside all the other things, it makes life more difficult all round.

One of the problems with being misled is this. You behave according to the impression you’ve been given as that is the reasonable thing. This isn’t actually what the other person wants or expects in fact. Then they get all hurt and probably aggressive because things are not as they expect when the misunderstanding is their fault in the first place. This pisses me off.

I am prone to being pissed off at the moment. Following a period ofwhizzes and unexpected unnecessarily loud nearby bangs and explosions. This taps into my PTSD you see dear reader. For those outside the UK we are enjoying what used to be Bonfire Night but which now appears to be Bonfire Month. Whatever the reason I am very pissed off!