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365 Lyric. Picture 50.

I feel I should point out this is ironic. The media frequently refer to anti-deprresants as “happy pills”. Which of course they are not. They don’t make you happy. Often what they do is stop life feeling so fucking awful that you want to end it.

It’s a long way to happiness
a long way to go
but I’m gonna get there, boy
the only way I know
’Cause it’s a long way to happiness
a long way to go
but I’m gonna get there, boy
the only way I know



365 Lyric. Picture 16.

The sooner you realise I’m perfectly happy
If I’m left to decide the company I choose
Oh, boys would you drink to me now
Here on the hill, half way up, half way down


Protected: 365 Lyric. Picture 15.

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365 Lyric. Picture 14

wake up all alone
sending postcards back to home…
on the road

if the medication works
could i be the way i was?
in control


365 Lyric. Picture 13.

And I don’t know if I can do it
Oh no, I’ve said too much
I haven’t said enough


“It’s Science Innit”

Re-reading the article I link below I was reminded of a common issue I encounter.

It usually occurs on social media but sometimes in face to face discussions. One can be involved in a conversation about transgenderism or gender dysphoria. A transphobic will pitch in and pretty soon a point is reached where they are losing the intellectual discussion. They then have a parting shot along the lines of “well it’s science. Learn some biology and read a book.” They then (metaphorically) stomp off like the famous chess playing pigeon thinking they have place an ace card. Usually their vast knowledge of science seems to be delivered on the basis of their single CSE in woodwork or similar (yes, I know, showing my age). Sometimes, if they were paying particular attention for thirty seconds they will mention something about XX and XY.

What they don’t realise is that by throwing in the learn some science/biology/read a book line they have actually argued against themselves. Let’s ignore for now the issue that they are confusing sex (science) and gender (social construct). I am honestly not an expert on the science either. I did A level biology but that was rather by default because timetabling wouldn’t allow me to do a combination of History, Geography and English. (I did English, Geography and Biology which was rather an eclectic combination).  All of which is beside the point; it doesn’t make me an expert on genetics etc by a long way. However, I do know that understanding is increasing (and consequently changing) all the time. It is now known that XX and XY are not the only possible monosome combinations in humans. There are occurrences of XXY and XXYY as well as rarer examples of multiple X. There are also instances of XX males and XY females. There are other accepted combinations that go beyond X and Y. Then there is the process of sex determination of the foetus during pregnancy by genetics and hormones. It is generally accepted that the default template for all mammalian foetuses is female. The theory of how foetuses shift to the male form has undergone a shift and is more complex than first thought. And it is not always infallibly the case. For instance the development of testes is triggered by the presence of the SRY gene. However, it has been shown that testes can still develop in the absence of this gene. There is also a complicated process where the SRY gene “promotes” pro male genes and inhibits anti male genes but the balance is not always ‘right”. In short sex determination is a subtle balance of genes some pro-males, some pro-females, some anti-males, some anti-females that all interplay with each other rather than a simple linear pathway of genes going one after the other. And sometimes the balance is not “correct”. In another complicated piece of biology it seems that sex determination is an ongoing process after birth. For instance the activity of a single gene is all that prevents cells in the ovary converting to cells found in the testes.

I am a long way from understanding the science behind all this. There are very complicated papers by leading biologist/geneticists. What I do know from my level of understanding is that “There’s only male and female, it’s science innit” is not a discussion winning line. As I said earlier, this doesn’t even begin to address the fact that generally the discussions are talking about gender rather than sex anyway.

So linked below is the article which is just a simple overview of complicated science.

Sex determination

365 Lyric. Picture 12.

We want a party song
with a good time lyric
Tell you what
I’m gonna help you pick it

That’s the way I like it
(We’re gonna have a good time)
That’s the way I like it
(We’re gonna have a good time)