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365 Lyric. Picture 97

Pour another gin, love
and go easy on the tonic
Tonight I’m in a frisky mood
I’m going supersonic



365 Lyric. Picture 96

Take us away
Just you and me
Blue on blue


365 Lyric. Picture 95

Rip off the mask and let’s see.
But that’s not right – oh no, what’s the story?365-95

365 Lyric. Picture 94

Could we have kippers for breakfast
Mummy dear, mummy dear
They got to have ’em in Texas
‘Cause everyone’s a millionaire


365 Lyric. Picture 93

I used to have demons in my room at night
Desire, despair, desire
So many monsters


365 Lyric. Picture 92

The line the God throws down to you and me
Makes a pleasing geometry


365 Lyric. Picture 91

Wow look at you now
Flowers in the window
It’s such a lovely day

I’ve used this lyric before in this project but the random/shuffle nature of the idea behind means that can happen of course.