Lies, Damn Lies and Malice. Some Thoughts

I seriously dislike liars. I dislike the effect they tend to have on other peoples’ lives. I dislike it in principle. I also dislike the direct effect it had had on me.

There is one individual who, in the past, told a whole series of lies about me. The effect of which was aided and abetted by the fact I chose to keep quiet at the time. I have never been happy about it but by and large I have learnt to live with it. There have been moments when I have wanted to publicly show the lies for what they are but I have always got through that and not done so. Even at times when circumstances have severely provoked me. Even when it has cost me friendship.

But, now, things have moved on. I find that not only are the same lies still being told by this person they have been tweaked a bit. They have become more poisonous. Not only that, they have been told to complete stangers. One can assume for no other reason than pure malice. Which is bad enough in itself and even worse when it goes on to eventually affect how those people treat you and behave towards you.

So what do you do in the face of this? Count to ten metaphorically and don’t knee-jerk? Well I’ve done that and I’m still mightily pissed off. Give them a chance to stop telling those lies? I think it needs more than that. I think they need to explain to people that the things they have said are not true. Having given them the chance to do that and nothing chanes, what do you do then? Lie down once more and allow them to continue the history of walking all over you and your peace of mind? Or blow the whole fucking thing apart and as publicly as possible expose the lies and provide the evidence that proves they are lies?


3 responses to “Lies, Damn Lies and Malice. Some Thoughts

  1. It certainly sounds like some action is called for! Good luck!

  2. I agree with the last line of this post!!! You can lie down and take it for just so long….then it’s a matter of self respect!!! Keep us posted!! 🙂

  3. There comes a point in every person’s story when they need to take action in order to preserve or regain their self regard. This might be your time. The alternative is to be stuck in a permanent loop of your own thoughts.

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