Take Your Pills (365)

Another from 365 project

Hey now, take your pills and
Hey now, make your breakfast
Hey now, comb your hair and off to work

This picture was taken on the day I went back to work after a very long year off with illness. The words are taken from a song by REM called Uberlin. They seemed very appropritae. The album was playing as I got ready.

The song also has the words

I will make it through the day
And then the day becomes the night
I will make it through the night

These are appropriate too. There were many times when I was ill that this was a kind of mantra that kept me going. It still is in very dark days. Making through life one bit at a time avoiding taking negative action to stop it. I am reminded it was how I felt during the end of my time in the navy. During a time when I was suffering from ever deepening depression, was suicidal and was receiving absolutely no treatment. It became an ordeal in just keeping myself going, one day, one sleepless night, at a time until perhaps I might be able to make things better.



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