My OH has this thing she does. Things from the past that were not good. She puts them metaphorically in a box and there they stay. They don’t ever seem to come out. She knows they are there but they are shut tightly away in their box. I’ve always thought this a bad strategy. I’ve told her so many times. Told her that one day they will come out of their boxes and run all over her. They don’t though.

I have never put my past away in boxes. But it’s never done and dusted. Bits and pieces of it are there in my face all the time. They make me ill. They destroy my will to live.

I need to learn to shut things away in boxes.


One response to “Boxes

  1. Hi Guy,

    This is a very interesting post. I know why you way putting things in boxes is not a useful strategy, but I think, as you elude to, there is more to it than that. My personal experience is that painful things that have been dealt with can be put in boxes – they are still there, I know that, and when I open the boxes it still hurts…but…they are filed away in a way that means they do not interfere with my day to day. I think if things are put in boxes without being looked at, that is not healthy, and so is not being able to put things in boxes at all.

    Please keep living, for all of us, but mostly, for yourself.

    J x

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