Suicide Attempt and the Hospital Experience.

An online friend wrote and posted a piece about her experience in hospital when she took a deliberate overdose. Her experience was remarkably similar to mine in 1987. Which is quite disappointing as I’d hoped things might have changed in the intervening 25 years or so.

She has PTSD following a horrible personal attack. Her experience was different to mine in that she voluntarily took herself to casualty. I don’t really remember that part of it as I didn’t attend voluntarily and I was too far out of it by the time I arrived. I do know, because I was told, that the friend who drove me there, an ex psychiatric nurse, insisted on staying with me until I went to intensive care. This was partly to ensure that the staff didn’t give me too hard a time!

My friend in her piece describes how she was given a lecture by a doctor including being told that an overdose is dangerous. I got that lecture too. I remember thinking, really? An overdose is dangerous. That was the bloody point. I did actually say “Not fucking dangerous enough because the point was not to be here anymore.” My friend also spoke about the attitude of the nurses on the ward which was similar to my experience. I was completely ignored by the nursing staff. When they had no choice but to deal with me such as observations, discharge etc their attitude was positively hostile. One of the nurses said to me that they were there for people who are genuinely ill. Which thinking about it is quite shocking. I was ill, to the point of wanting to die.

It shows a real lack of understanding of how a person has reached that point. As I say, disappointing nothing seems to have changed in quarter of a century.


One response to “Suicide Attempt and the Hospital Experience.

  1. That’s horrendous, and really shocking, I had no idea attitudes were like that from hospital staff, especially not now when there is greater knowledge of mental health!

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