Orchid and Glass (365) (revised)

This is another shot from my 365 self portrait project.Even though only a small part of me appears in the shot, emotionally it is very much a self portrait. Of all the pictures I took I found this one the most difficult by a long way. I was emotionally exhausted when I finished. I hoped it would have a cathartic effect but I’m not sure it did. I’m not going to go into any detail about what the picture means. I know and that’s enough really. I will just say that orchids represent a number of things to me.

orchid with glass


2 responses to “Orchid and Glass (365) (revised)

  1. I agree that the image itself at first glance is beautiful, but the sentiment behind it is far from that. This can be said for many aspects of life. Take time to look at things a little closer and we will see a totally different world around us xx

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