A Convenient Hook

Something I have noticed as a growing trend with people who know about my illness.

Somebody does something that I find unacceptable or unreasonable or difficult to deal with. I express this. I can express this totally reasonably and within the bounds of normal behaviour. I’m told that just because I’m ill not to take it out on that person or not to be so angry. It’s like a stick to beat me with or maybe a card to trump me with. Immediately I am put on the back foot even though I have a fair point made in a fair way.

I have also noticed an increasing tendency for people to excuse previous bad actions by holding up my illness as a reason. In other words any reaction of mine to another persons difficult behaviour is seen as a spontaneous bad act on my part rather than a reaction to someone else’s behaviour.

It’s difficult to deal with. I am well aware that my illness caused me to behave incredibly unreasonably on some occasions. Is it reasonable or fair that people use that as a get out for any of their own bad behaviour? Not really, but it’s certainly easy.


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