Glass. Handle With Care

Last night was a night full of nightmares and unpleasant intrusive images. This morning I have the head full enough to burst feeling that follows these episodes. Which tied in to other head related symptoms at the moment is pretty uncomfortable.

I know what triggered this; which is progress of sorts! It feels a small thing to trigger such a reaction.

I was thinking about, and telling a friend, about dealing with some injuries a friend had several years ago. These injuries had glass in them. That’s where the trigger lies. I’ve mentioned before on this blog that one of the features of the aftermath of the Baltic Exchange bomb waas the huge amount of broken glass there was. Many of those injured were injured by glass. Even more relevant is the location of some of the worst injuries on one of those killed were in the same location as those on my friend I had to help. Easy to see the echo, harder to bear such a triggered reaction.

it is yet another reminder. However strong and long term my recovery appears, I can never be complacent.


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