Up The Garden Path

I hate being misled. With a passion. It’s up there with being used and being lied about behind your back. Funny how they seem to go together with the same people! It is probably a character defect on my part that it bothers me so much but it always feels like a personal affront. I would say it’s less of a character defect than that of the people who do it.

I’m sure I’ve misled people in the past. But never as part of a deliberate policy of deception. My OH frequently tells me that I am too open and too trusting. Which, in the end, makes it easier for people to be miselading.Leaving aside all the other things, it makes life more difficult all round.

One of the problems with being misled is this. You behave according to the impression you’ve been given as that is the reasonable thing. This isn’t actually what the other person wants or expects in fact. Then they get all hurt and probably aggressive because things are not as they expect when the misunderstanding is their fault in the first place. This pisses me off.

I am prone to being pissed off at the moment. Following a period ofwhizzes and unexpected unnecessarily loud nearby bangs and explosions. This taps into my PTSD you see dear reader. For those outside the UK we are enjoying what used to be Bonfire Night but which now appears to be Bonfire Month. Whatever the reason I am very pissed off!


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