The Man in the Mirror…. (365)

…..Has Sad Eyes

Another picture from the 365 self portraits.

I wasn’t feeling particularly creative that day (ok, who said no change there?). So I went for something really simple and a bit cliched. I know my eyes are my best feature out of a collection of not particularly good features. I know this only because I’ve been told so many times that I have (variously) pretty, nice, lovely etc eyes. A little aside related to that. Many years ago I went to a party with a friend. I met a stunning girl, a drama student, who is now a famous and wealthy actress. She was beautiful and clearly out of my league, I thought. But we had a nice chat. My friend later told me that this girl had said to her at the party that I had lovely eyes “come to bed eyes in fact”. Thing is, she told me this about a month later. Thanks for that, on the night might just have been a little more useful!!! I read one of the reports written by a psychiatrist I saw when I was ill. She said I had turned up to the appointment wearing mascara. Not sure how it would have been relevant anyway, but I wasn’t. I’ve never worn mascara. Just happen to have long eyelashes.

Anyway, I digress. People also describe my eyes as sad eyes. Not quite sure what this means. Generally to me they just look tired and need to go to bed eyes! However, whatever it does mean, it’s obviously something I’ve unconsciously learnt to cultivate. Unlike the “faraway” look I mentioned before. Even now my OH will say to me “It’s no good giving me the puppy eyes”!

Anyway, just another picture from 365.


One response to “The Man in the Mirror…. (365)

  1. Samantha Ritchie

    The eyes are the windows of the soul, so it is said…

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