Besties (365)

Another shot from the 365 self portrait project.

This was a familiar view when I was ill. This is Monty, my beagle. A very laid back and calm dog. I have another dog now as well but back then it was just Monty.

You get what you see with dogs. They seem to love you unconditionally. They don’t pretend to be your friends because they are lonely and other people have moved on. They don’t start messing you around because commitment might mess up their future plans.They just accept you for what you are. When I was very low Monty was happy just to lie with me. He didn’t make judgements about whether I should be pulling myself together etc. The physical contact was comforting. Dogs are remarkably intuitive and seem to read humans incredibly well. One time I was having a particularly deep and long flashback and, it seems, was in a bit of a state. Monty went, Lassie style, to fetch my OH and bring her to me. There were times when my guilt about Monty needing a walk got me out of the house when I might not otherwise have done so for days on end.


2 responses to “Besties (365)

  1. Samantha Ritchie

    I love Monty! The late, great Boris – feline – was my greatest companion in the best times and, crucially, in the worst times. (So let’s hear it for cats, too)!

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