Bereavement and Grief. A Dangerous Corner.

Bereavement has been a trigger point for my PTSD in the past. I had quite a big relapse after my father died and my major illness occurred shortly after my mother died. I don’t understand exactly why this happens as there is no direct link to the events that led to my PTSD. I’ve never been totally sure that my mother’s death was that big a factor as I was already sliding into the illness before she died. But people around me assure me that they feel it was a significant factor.

That it is a trigger has been pretty much confirmed by recent events. I have recently lost an old friend and subsequently I have suffered some PTSD symptoms. Mostly intrusive thoughts and images from the bomb incidents. My sleep pattern is once again compromised leading to increasing fatigue. The other day I had the first flashback I have had in a long time. Except it wasn’t a full PTSD flashback. I remained grounded in the present and was aware of what was going on. But I did allow it to run; I didn’t try to fight it down. I hope this is an indication that I have a much better handle on things now.

What I can say is that the CBT techniques that I learnt are definitely helping. Once again no room to be complacent but recovery does appear to still be on course.


One response to “Bereavement and Grief. A Dangerous Corner.

  1. Samantha Ritchie

    I’d imagine that really is progress, Guy! If only… I had no idea that you’d lost both your parents, I’m sorry to hear that. Stick with it

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