Glass Half Full.

Over the past few weeks I have been doing extra work with the fire brigade in the Olympic Park and Athlete’s Village for the Olympics and Paralympics.

Yesterday it just happened that we spent a lot of the day meeting and generally messing around with many of the Paralympics athletes.Many of them had a great time looking at our appliances and equipment and trying our gear on. One of the striking things about the whole day was the extremely positive attitude of all we met.Definitely a glass half full attitude. I have mentioned elsewhere on this blog that during my illness someone told me that I had turned into a glass half empty type of person. It was an attitude that I had to overcome to begin my recovery.

We took a few snapshots through the day and I have posted some below. On of the athletes featured in these pictures was very badly injured in the “7/7” London Tube bombings. I wasn’t directly involved in her rescue but I was on the scene. I know for sure that her journey in the intervening years has been far harder than mine, which is humbling. The pictures also include a firefighter who is one of my best friends within the brigade. One of the people who are the reason I’m still in the job despite past difficulties and an ongoing potential hard situation.

All in all a day for worthwhile reflection.

(click pictures for larger version)


One response to “Glass Half Full.

  1. Lovely to hear Guy……great pictures too XX

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