A New Year (365)

I haven’t posted a picture from the 365 project for some time. Looking back through them this was the first one I took for it. My first thought looking at it today was cheer up misery! But although I was starting to do more I was at this point over 2 months away from being considered well enough to go back to work even on a phased basis. So still quite ill really. I now remember that even by this time going out for a walk in the woods was a major ordeal and very soon after taking this I scuttled back to the sanctuary of home. One thing I am glad of. The big coat covers the considerable weight gain from the drugs I was taking. It is interesting also for me because my face has changed a lot in the last 18 months or so (too long a story for now) and I can see that from this. One other piece of perspective for me. Even though I had what I felt was a very bad day last week there was never much doubt that I would at least function for that day. So it seems a bad day now is better than even a good day then. It is a measure of recovery.


3 responses to “A New Year (365)

  1. There is a lot of emotion in that photo – it’s stirring the writer in me. It’s like a photo that could be used as a story prompt, let’s see…

    He didn’t know how long he had been waiting, or even what he was waiting for, but he felt compelled to stay. And wait. Yesterday he knew who he was and what he was doing. Yesterday he had a purpose. Today, all he could do was wait. They had said he would feel different, after. He had asked them what they meant, but they didn’t answer. They had just looked at him with a slight pity that they tried to hide behind fake smiles…

    (to be continued…)

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