A review

I have been writing this blog for quite some time now and I have never read back through it.
The way I write tends to be quite immediate. I go with the flow and allow it to kind of pour out onto the page. I very rarely read back what I have written even immediately afterwards. Part of the reason is I want it to be more emotion than crafted analysis.
Recently I asked a particular person to come and read my blog. I have no idea if they’ve done this or not but it occurred to me that I no longer remember exactly what they would be reading. So I decided to review the whole blog.
I was suprised on a number of levels. The main one being how much more angry it appears to be about someone else I’ve written about. I know I wrote it but it took me aback a bit. I’m sure those emotions must have been there at one time and I know why they were there. I was disappointed about one particular thing and I think that emotion was raw at the time and spilt over into what I was writing about. Having said that, it was never intended as an attack on that individual but as a description of how things made me feel and affected me later. But it’s overly angry to the point of being unfair.
So, when I get the chance I think I will need to modify some parts of this blog.


One response to “A review

  1. We all need to clean up the house sometime. You’re very honest and that’s a great thing 🙂

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