A Fine Day. The Small Things

This is a bit out of sync as I haven’t really written about the process of my recovery yet. But hey, there are no rules here.

A couple of weeks I put a status on Facebook that it had been one of those days when everything felt right. It truly had been. I got quite a lot of feedback on this. Both on my Facebook  page and  in person. Someone suggested that I should blog  a description of this positive day. Which seemed like a good idea. Until I realised that nothing exceptionally exciting had happened! (those of you at the back sniggering and saying nothing interesting has happened previously, put your hands on theseeks and pay attention).  But actually that is the point really. It is an indication of the degree of my recovery that I can feel so well and up etc without anything of major significance happening. It is just an indication of a wholly different outlook and state of mind. Life just feels good in itself. The fact that it was a day at work was also significant as it was work that led to my PTSD.


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