Watch How You Go.

Afew days ago I was out in the car with my OH and Keane’s newish song “Watch how you go” came up on shuffle on the ipod.

You can here it on the link below.

Anyway, I like it and turned it up saying “Oh, let me listen to this, I really like this song” She asked if there was any particular significance. My answer was, not in regard to regrets about any particular individual and wishing to turn the clock back. But it is very poignant in as much that it paints a picture where a relationship can end pleasantly and on good terms with a proper goodbye etc. Her response to that was does it matter. It does matter. At least it seems to. It is an altogether better outcome. My OH’s follow up to that was why does it matter?

That is a much more complex question. One that I have had to think about. Maybe with a bit more thought I may a more comprehensive post about it. But for now the basic sentiment will have to do.


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