You will see my shadow…(365)

And you will see my shadow on every wall

And you will see my footprint on every floor.

I said something very similar to those two lines to someone many years ago. These are two separate pictures from the 365 self-portrait project. Although they were taken on different days to fit with the rules of the project they were always made to be part of the same thing.

They are meant to represent my belief that there are some people you can’t pretend no longer exist no matter how much you present the opposite to the world. The sort of person you chose to be an emotional support; in fact that you deliberately sought as your first port of call for that role. I don’t think you can entirely forget that someone kept you on an even course in those times or entirely remove them from your mind. As I say, even if that is what you project. Maybe I’m completely wrong and just naive. But I think somebody who can actually do that must have something seriously wrong with their basic humanity.

These pictures have more deliberate points in them than most of the pictures I took for 365. The shadow is deliberately stretched and reaching out for help with a black void just creeping into the edge of the picture. This was also the first time I had deliberately shown some of my scars in a picture; an integral part of the story it represents. There is also a shadow of some leaves on the footprint shot. This is a shadow cast from an olive branch. But it remains a shadow. An olive branch is fairly useless if offered to a “pit-bull” more intent on savaging the hand that once fed it.


One response to “You will see my shadow…(365)

  1. Very thought-provoking pictures, Guy. I almost feel that there is so much more to them than meets the eye, and more than what you might have stated here. I wanted to step inside the photos and get a feeling of what else they are saying. They do have a sense of mystery about them. A sense of intrigue. They are speaking to me, but I need to look at them longer to hear what they are saying……..

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