Double Exposure

As I mentioned in my opening post during my illness I scrawled some poems down in my diary. It’s been a while since I subjected you to any of these dear reader so here goes. I think this is what I wrote. My handwriting is all over the place and hard to read. It’s pretty raw. I may take the time to tidy it up some time.

Double Exposure

In the frame, there is a girl

familiar and yet unknown.

You can see her clearly

you recognise her pose

her gaze

You think you understand

what’s going on.

But really you see

Only half of this girl

You miss the rest

She poses not just for you

But another director

Who you cannot see.

Pulled in two directions

progress is impossible

Caught in two frames

the shutters stall.

So, I kill the lights

Take five

Although it may

be more than five.


One response to “Double Exposure

  1. Samantha Ritchie

    wow! This is layered… Loving it xx

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