The Bike 2 (365)

Look away now if you are squeamish.

This is the consequence of, in the exuberance of your recovery, riding your bike to quickly for the situation. Ok, so the fact that I had been to the pub did not help. And it was dark. And it was the unlit towpath of the Thames well away from houses and the road. And there was a big pot-hole which I didn’t see. This was on my mountain bike not my road bike. I think I flew upwards and then fell onto the bike; the handle bar going into my ribs and the saddle into my groin. I can remember feeling sick with pain. But I think the bruises were pretty impressive and in places where they would not usually be seen. So I just had to photograph them for 365!


3 responses to “The Bike 2 (365)

  1. Impressive!

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