Dates (365)

Certain dates are significant for me and no matter how much I would like to forget some of them I do not seem to be able to. Today is one such date on which a massive “sliding door” event happened for me. In many ways I would like to forget it but it never goes by unnoticed; partly because other significant dates serve as an advent marker for it.

This particular picture from my Project 365 features a completely different date. I took it after being reminded (and somewhat disturbed) by reading through some old diaries. This is a very short and simple diary entry and absolutely meaningless to the casual viewer. But with the date and year and later knowledge it is massively significant for a few reasons. I places a pointer at what was to be a significant event for someone else a few months later. It highlights deceit, scheming and ongoing lies by that other person. Above all it illustrates a lucky escape on my part. This simple snap is probably one of the most significant photographs I took for this project. It has created a problem that to this day I am not sure how to deal with.


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