Music/iPod (365)

Another one from Project 265. This was taken when I was far enough recovered to start taking a lot more on. Not sure why but it’s one of my favourites.

Music is massively important with me and I take it, in one form or another, most places I go. I have eclectic tastes from classical through a range of non-classical genres. I can not imagine life without music.

Latterly, I have also used my walkman/ipod to shut the world out when I need to. Particularly when I was ill, if I needed to get on a train I had to isolate myself with music and keep my eyes closed as long as possible.

But I had to be very careful about what I listened to. Shuffle was definitely out.  A song with a past resonance or even a melancholic theme could set me off to varying degrees.


I took this when that was significantly less of a problem and I could risk whatever came up.

I think I may look a bit miserable in this but I was not. I prefer to think of it as enigmatically and attractively moody!

The track that shows as playing on the ipod is Bang and Blame by REM. Although this does not specifically resonate musically with the past, it certainly reminds me of a significant part of my past. A particularly lovely person who during our relationship slept around (a very long story cut very short). And then somehow contrived to make out it was my fault; and achieved the very real trick of making me believe that. To this day she apportions blame and is unable to take any responsibility for her own actions. Bang and Blame seems to sum it up!

Oh, and today it would be appropriate to thank Steve Jobs for the iPOD. RIP.


3 responses to “Music/iPod (365)

  1. I like this photo, there’s something about it that makes you stop and have a good look x

  2. Spot on Guy! 🙂

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