Back Scar (365)

Another shot from the 365 self portraits.

On the face of it a very simple photograph. This is a scar on my back following surgery after an accident whilst at work. The original injury was a fractured vertebra and a large disc prolapse (although according to the surgeon size is not necessarily important!) The scar is very neat and relatively small, about 5 cm. I have actually had two separate operations through this site. The fact the scar is so neat is pretty amazing I think. I still have a prolapse but a third operation is not really a viable option. That, along with the scar tissue and degenerative changes, and a subsequent car accident, means I get quite a lot of pain and discomfort. I am lucky that I have had very good osteopaths. Their care means that I am still able to function, albeit with discomfort.

What this picture summarises for me is the fact that the outward signs of trauma do not necessarily tally with what is actually going on inside.


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