Revenge (365)

Another shot from the Project 365 pictures. This is one I didn’t put up on Facebook. My OH suggested I did not as it might be misunderstood and be considered too gory. For clarification, it is not real blood!

The motivation behind this shot is not as straightforward as it might seem. It is certainly not meant to convey outwardly directed aggression.

Depression tends to seriously affect one’s sense of self-worth anyway. The behaviour of some people in the past, and one person in particular, had a massive effect on my self-esteem and feelings of being valued. To the extent where I believed their bad behaviour towards me was because I was a bad person. Any revenge and anger was very much inwardly directed and this is partly what this picture also represents. But it is also a nod to something else. I was recovering by this time and it evokes a line that I really like. “Living well is the best revenge”.


2 responses to “Revenge (365)

  1. Great line, Guy – “Living well is the best revenge” – so true.

    Out of interest, does the revenge pertain to yourself? Taking revenge on yourself? I am thinking in terms of self-blame.

    • That is very much one level of it. A state of mind I got into because somebody emotionally abused me to the point that I lost perspective and ended up believing I deserved punishment. Actually somebody who emotionally ripped me apart once; but not content with that came back a few years later to do it again! (I’m sure you know who I mean).
      The living well thing is very much aimed in that direction.

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