Cute Beagle

Something a bit more cheerful to end the week. Another of my Project 365 pictures. This is Monty, my beagle, and the cutest dog in the world. I think I look awful in this but I still love the picture.

I tend to anthromorphosise my dogs and this kind of illustrates that. But it is so easy to get Monty to do things like this as he picks up so quickly.

I think dogs in general, and Monty in particular, are very intuitive and able to communicate. If it’s not intuition then they read human body language very well. Monty was massively important to me during my illness. He seemed to sense that I was ill, especially the days I was very low and was happy just to sit or lie with me. That contact was really useful. And of course he was ever present (he doesn’t have to go out to work being a lazy beagle!). On one occasion I was having a particularly bad episode during and after a flashback and was in real trouble. he went (Lassie style) to get someone to help me.


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