Project 365

When my recovery began to accelerate somebody suggested that I do a project 365 of self portraits. That is one photograph of myself every day for a year. (Photography being one of my “things”.) So that is what I have been doing since new year’s day this year. I have tried to get some variety into the themes that I have used. At first it bothered me that they were not always going to be technically brilliant or wonderful pictures. But I have got used to that now. Sometimes I am just too busy to do more than a quick snapshot. But I am suprised to find that I have enjoyed doing it. I used to hate looking at pictures of myself, especially those taken whilst I was ill. For a variety of reasons I have issues with body image and whilst I was ill I looked, well, ill! But now I am reasonably comfortable with looking at pictures of myself. I have lloked at so many whilst editing etc I can be much more objective now.

There have been a variety of ideas, some just silly, some fun and some telling a story from my life; particularly my illness. I have been uploading them to Facebook but usually without much explanation if any at all. Some people have asked me about the story behind some pictures. A couple of people have suggested that I write autobiographical notes about them. So from time to time I will upload some of them here with a brief narrative.


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